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Are you interested in building a thriving and lucrative business?

It’s frustrating knowing that you have a valuable product, service or message to share with others but you just can’t seem to find your ideal audience. There are so many moving parts in running a successful business and knowing where to find the answers and support can be a real challenge. You know that you need to be online, you know that you need to develop great connections and partnerships but maybe you’ve taken workshops or attended events that were just a huge waste of time and money. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN! Where do you turn to find reasonable information and the people who can help achieve your business goals. We would like to invite you to attend one of our Pure Potentials Connection Conferences. These are one day events that have expert speakers on all aspects of building a thriving business. At these events you can experience the following:

Learn the tools and strategies to skyrocket your business
Find potential clients
Find potential promotional partners

We are willing to put our money where our mouths are. This event is an opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable information. THIS IS NOT A PITCH FEST! We know that we need to earn your trust and showcase our expertise so that is why the cost to attend this event is only $49.99. We promise that you will leave with several valuable nuggets that you can use in your business immediately. AND…we give you lunch.
Choose the location(s) of the events that you would like to attend and secure your spot today. We only have room for 150 people so don’t wait.

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