Can you improve your business on 30 minutes intervals? This is what Coach John Whitt does with his clients and he will share them with us this Tuesday April 05, 2016. I cannot think of a better way to start the second quarter of 2016.

When you review where you are today you can focus on what you accomplished in Q1 and what you learned so now as a new quarter comes by you can do small increments on many areas in order to improve continuously. This is what business improvement does and this is what we, business performance caches do constantly to improve the lives and business of our clients all over the world.

Understand where you are today, where you want to go, how you can improve constantly, what products and services you have and most importantly ask yourself what can be improved and why you do what you do. Join me in this interesting episode as John and I guide you on how to get better business Results in 30 minute intervals.

John Whitt
About: John Whitt

John is a senior leader in the FocalPoint International Coaching organization serving on the Strategic Advisory Group representing over 180 coaches on six continents. He is also the producer and host of “BusinessWhitt’s Better Business Results” program and the network television host for MarketMoverTV,

BusinessWhitt’s Better Business Results program serves the world’s demand for performance and efficiency by inspiring business owners to inspire business owners in 30 short minutes each week.  The interactive educational process helps guests contribute valuable small-business owner insights, while creating three business improvement activities and sharing their story all in 30 minutes.  Viewers following the process are similarly inspired to create their own three business improvement activities each week.  Imagine your performance after twelve months of three improvements per week.

John is married to the lovely Miss Tracy.  Together they reside in Huntington Beach California where they have four adult children and four dogs.  John is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and an avid golfer.