With less than two months to go to the launch of Building Banking on Values, a new VoiceAmerica radio series I’m hosting that goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of the people, passion and positivity within the values-based banking and financing sector; I thought to introduce you to some of our guests.

Meet Linda van Goor, Regulatory Communications Expert whose motto is to ‘connect, translate, empower’ when facilitating change in the EU banking sector. 

Linda has worked for universities, the banking sector, De Nederlandsche Bank and the European Commission as a teacher, adviser, moderator, issues-manager, supervisor, regulator and trainer. She’s been explaining, connecting, coordinating, translating, drafting and applying European regulatory issues in the financial sector for years. The European idea “unified in diversity” has always been a guiding principle.LindaEU

Finding common interests and bridging the gap between legal text and day-to-day practice has been my guiding approach. Regulatory communication is my means to find common interests and to guide and empower people to solve problems, to cooperate across national or sector borders and to create opportunities.

Colleagues in Brussels sometimes referred to this approach as “the Linda way” – listening until finding the essence of a problem or a legal text, the commonalities and common goals of the many parties involved, then explaining that essence in simpler words to others and finally inducing joint initiatives. That’s how Linda van Goor contributed to bringing home high impact legislation (especially Directive 2011/89/EU and related initiatives regarding complex financial groups) in full cooperation with respective Presidencies and the Council, Commission colleagues and the European Parliament, and under the responsibility of the European Commission.

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