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Are you planning or already doing business globally? Do you know the business etiquette and social customs in those countries? Are you aware of the dos and don’ts when communicating with and entertaining your international business associates? Bottom line: How culturally informed are you?

On this episode of The Business Edge, my guest is Pamela Eyring, the owner and president of The Protocol School of Washington – the global leader in international protocol, business etiquette and cross-cultural awareness training. She shares how a working knowledge and comprehension of the cultural, business and social customs of your international associates can ensure that nothing is lost in translation. And most importantly, long term- business relationships are built and business transactions go smoothly
Listen to this Podcast and Learn: The verbal and nonverbal mistakes in body language and gestures to be aware of and avoid; cultural diversity in the global workplace: The difference between generalization and stereotyping; proper and improper international business introductions because first impressions make lasting impressions; where and how to research business customs of a foreign country to ensure that proper protocol is met; the practice of gift giving: When it’s appropriate and what are good gifting ideas in different countries.

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