With a unique and intriguing combination of manifestation and spirit, classically trained pianist, composer, performer and author Paul Armitage joins Marie as her regular fourth Thursday contributor. Listen in as Paul takes us to that fine line where the ego and spirit become one seamless existence: time-space reality connecting with the current of All-That-Is resulting in music from the heart of universal love; it is Paul’s music we hear in Time Share’s openings and closings. Following his intuition and natural aptitudes for understanding music at an early age, Paul’s discoveries took him to his prior life as Romantic composer and pianist Edvard Grieg, born in the early 19th century. Paul chronicles this very personal journey in his book “Between the Lines – A Case for Reincarnation.” His spiritual studies took him to a deep understanding of “Seth,” the energy presence channeled by Jane Roberts. Lots to talk about with Paul!