There are a few concepts in management and leadership that will constantly make an important difference in your company. They are teamwork, strategy and vision. Companies as we know are formed by groups of people with complimentary knowledge and abilities who interconnect daily.

As leaders and managers we strive to make our teams better, to be creative, to improve performance and to reach excellence. And in many cases it comes as a result of high level engagement.

Engagement is an emotional connection between the employee and the organization. It comes from trust, better communications, abilities, contributions and a series of high key elements that combine together and will help every organization improve, adapt and change with flexibility.

Join me on this interesting program as I interview business coach and corporate trainer Hans Trupp, as we discover the 5-keys to better engagement.

Hans Trupp
About: Hans Trupp
Hans is an expert in the areas of professional development, corporate training and business coaching. He is an experienced entrepreneur, sales executive and outdoor educator who is dedicated to giving back to the community.

Based in Vancouver, Hans is fully committed to building leaders and growing businesses by evaluating what makes them unique. He is passionate about training and coaching using the time-tested and proven materials and is motivated by working with clients and colleagues to implement solutions.

With a coaching philosophy grounded in the key fundamentals of business and leadership, Hans specializes in being a catalyst for coaches, business owners, executives, and their teams. By working with Hans, you will set and reach goals for the highest levels of personal and professional success.