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After years of making a difference in fighting the Ivory Wars in Kenya, it has come to a culmination now.  Eli Weiss and Our Wild World have covered the ongoing fate of Elephants and the battle conservationists around Africa have been dealing with.  We have had many important and special guests in the world of Elephant conservation such as Nick Brandt, Nick Lynch, Johnny Rodrigues, Adam Roberts, and many more.  This week we have Tim Gorski on the ground in Kenya for the Ivory Burn where they will burn 105 tons of Ivory.  This is a very sad but detrimental necessity to stop the buying and selling Ivory and Rhino horns.   Stay Tuned to our social for updates.  Also please take some time and listen to our shows!  There must be an awakening to what we are doing to not only Elephants and Rhinos but to countless species we are affecting around the world.

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