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Jaye Smith, M.A., educator, author, consultant, coach, and Co-founding Partner of Reboot Partners, joined me on “Turn the Page” to provide guidance on how you can “Reboot Your Life at 60+” and plan for your next chapter. Listen to our conversation to find out about some the universal fears and struggles that people over 60 share around the world, and how you can look toward your future with greater confidence and ease.

Jaye spoke with me after the show to share exercises that have supported thousands of “Reboot Partner’s” readers and retreat participants in approaching their lives with a fresh perspective. Here are three to get you started:

“A number of us get stuck in doing things the same old way. That thinking and approach makes it hard to reinvent ourselves as we plan for a new chapter in our lives. In order to have a new experience, we need to find ways to OPEN UP OUR PERSPECTIVE.

When needing a breakthrough or a shift in perspective, we recommend trying out this exercise. We call it “Taking Little Risks.” What little risks can you take to begin to have new eyes about your day-day life and long-term view? Here are some ideas: identify FIVE new ways to travel to and from work, FIVE new kinds of food you have not tried, and FIVE activities you’ve always wanted to try. You get the idea. Try new things that draw you out of your comfort zone. This will help you to release old habits, see things differently, and exercise your brain!”

“We talked a lot about visioning and imagining your ideal future. Another way to uncover some of those dreams and goals from another angle is to consider what you would like to make sure you do, see or experience before you die, that reflect, in your way of thinking, a WELL LIVED LIFE.

Write down those things and think about them in terms of the next few decades. How will you plan to accomplish that BUCKET LIST? Looking back on your life on your 100th birthday, what would you have liked to have done and seen?”

“Think about the various stages of your life, your first pieces of furniture, your first job, your first home. Once you start the process of accumulating “stuff,” it can get worse as you move through other phases, such as having a family and inheriting belongings of aging or deceased family members. Before you know it, you are buried under more stuff!  The interesting phenomenon is that baby boomers, for the most part, want to get rid of stuff and live more simply. We call it “living light.”

What are ways that you can simplify your life? Who can help? Identify a plan, maybe with your partner or perhaps a more objective friend, and start to eliminate stuff. Many are benefiting from “living light” as both a cathartic and money making experience through yard and estate sales, on eBay, or some of the new apps that help you sell what you don’t need.

You will feel lighter and freer to do other things and not tied down unnecessarily.”

Jaye recommends “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston, as a practical resource.

The Reboot Partners website offers information about upcoming retreats and other resources.

Refer to The Retirement Boom: An All Inclusive Guide to Money, Life, and Health in Your Next Chapter (2015), and Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break (2011) for additional expert advice.

Listen to my conversation with Jaye to hear success stories that mirror what’s possible for you!