Have you heard people say that we need to shift from a mode of Human Doings to Human Beings? In other words, we need to do less and be more. But how do you do that? We live in a world where we have to get things accomplished. Food has to be bought and prepared, someone has to work to pay the bills, etc. It feels like an unattainable fantasy. Cara Bradley in her book, On The Verge, takes the mystery out of it. She has developed some very specific ways that you can focus on being. Often we try to make things more complicated than is necessary. I once heard Wayne Dyer explain how simple it is to fit meditation into your day. He said, when you’re driving, you have to stop your vehicle at a red light several times during the course of the trip. He used those moments to meditate, to connect within. Easy and powerful. Please join us Thursday when Cara will provide you with some very simple and specific ways to experience life fully with more energy, enthusiasm, clarity and confidence.