Diversity has to be more than a moral business imperative, but a catalyst to achieving business objectives. Not only are we in a global market where we must compete with people of different cultures and backgrounds. We must also recognize that the United States is now highly diverse and many of these groups have considerable economic power. The real question leaders and business owners have to ask is:

How can we leverage the intellectual and creative ability of our diverse talent? Only then does diversity make sense.

On this episode of The Business Edge, my guest Telvin Jefferies, answers that crucial question and many others about benefits and challenges of a managing a highly diverse workforce.  As a global chief Human Resources Officer, he has driven change in large companies and now is the CEO and Founder of Careergistics™
Listen to This Podcast and Learn: The new definition of diversity; it’s more inclusive and perceived as more fair; How to embrace diversity in the workplace without changing the way you operate your business; Current best practices in diversity that can be employed without added cost that will lead to big dividends; Why a well thought out diversity strategy is not just for big companies but also for start-ups and small companies; and the impact of generational differences, especially millennials, in your talent management and customer service initiatives.

The key take away: Tap the brain power of all your employees. Regularly bringing a mix of people together (different age groups, different departments, different lengths of service, etc.) to focus on a current business problem. Realize that differences in experiences, thinking and approaches can lead to better solutions. If you feed them, appreciate them and recognize them you’ll be amazed at what results you’ll get. Maybe they’ll come up with your next profitable product or service …like the famous post-it notes.

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