The MAGIC of the Martial Arts of Business Series!

How do you combine the key areas and principles of Martial Arts and Success and bring them together? In other words, how do you create MAGIC in your company? This is what Winston Price and Luis Vicente Garcia will be developing for you as we create “The MAGIC of Martial Arts of Business”.

As we know, Martial Arts are systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Business and Entrepreneurship, on the other side, are a combination of creative activities that bring out innovation, competition and practices that generate the new ideas and concepts that bring us the best products and services into the market place. Combining them will require discipline, persistence, skills and a creative artist view.

And we will be doing all of this focusing on performance, empowerment, motivation and a defining mindset. Join us as we start putting together the purpose, skills and abilities that will allow you to create Magic in your companies and develop “The MAGIC of the Martial Arts of Business Series”.

Winston Price and Luis Vicente Garcia at VoiceAmerica Network
About Winston Price

Winston Price, Senior Executive Producer, has over 20 years of marketing, advertising and public relations experience. He began his business career in 1995 and is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington.

Winston also is a master martial artist and personal trainer with over 25 years of knowledge and experience. Winston runs his own school, Internal Magnification Martial Arts, where he focuses on helping people reach their personal goals of health and fitness via At-Home personal training with martial foci of Taekwondo, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Hapkido and Ba Gua Zhang.

As a senior executive producer for VoiceAmerica, Winston utilizes his skills in business and personal training to help new and existing hosts maximize their opportunity with the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network by supporting his hosts with the complete business and personal aspects of creating and developing their show.

Winston believes that each host brings their own flavor to the Network.

By properly coaching and motivating his hosts, they are able to produce THEIR show with THEIR style and THEIR passion being at the forefront of every broadcast.

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