matthew fox

Do you remember the excitement of opening a Cracker Jack Box and finding your special gift hidden inside? That was the same feeling I had when I opened the email asking me if I wanted to have Matthew Fox on my radio show. I’m very grateful to have so many of the people on my show who helped formulate who I am, what I believe and how I live my life. I still remember the feeling of holding Matthew Fox’s books in my hands with my yellow highlighter at the ready to ensure that I absorbed everything I needed. He was my mentor, my teacher, my guide even though we had not met. Now, as I read again about Creation Spirituality, I understand what an amazing teacher he truly is. You can see the ideas I learned from him reflected in every show through my writings, silver lining stories, upcoming seminars, my guests, their ideas and our conversations. What a blessing to welcome Matthew Fox to my show. Please join us Thursday 6/16 for a rare treat as he discusses A Way To God.