As entrepreneurs and small business owners, many of us have that “can do anything” mentality. Regardless how skilled and motivated you may be, trying to grow a business while running it is a struggle many startups face. The solution, according to is to find people that are better at somethings than you and hire them. So if you are the smartest one in the room you failed!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Journey of a Millennial!

My guest On The Business Edge is Daniel Moore, a real estate investor and creator of a software service company. In 2008, at the age of 23, Daniel bought his first investment property, and by the age of 28 became a full time real estate investor after being inducted into Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Hall of Fame. Daniel has accumulated extensive first-hand, real world knowledge on the “how-to’s” of real estate investing as well as building a business gives him the lifestyle he wants for his family and freedom to give back to his community.

Listen to this podcast and learn: Why culture fit is important especially, even it’s your first hire; how to manage a remote team of professionals across the US and the world; why giving people room to fail is part of his leadership style and why it works; his formula for scaling his business: Hire Right! Systematize and Automate! Let Go!;   his # 1 challenge: Every day focus on the high payoff tasks, generating income, and how he’s trained himself to do that.

The key takeaway: Leverage other people’s time and skills. That’s why it’s important to not be the smartest one in the room. Do what you do best and then contract or hire those who can do it better, faster than you. Remember your time is money! Use it wisely.