Did you know that attracting the right people to your team is more than a cleverly crafted ‘help wanted’ ad on Craigslist? And once they’re on board, how do you retain skilled workers, who are courted by other companies, with more than money?  What keeps them committed and loyal? It’s The Culture! It’s Your Brand!
My guest on this episode of The Business Edge, Angie Strader, is owner & CEO of 360 Wraps, Inc. – a family-owned business that began in 2007 and is one of the most nationally recognized brands in the vehicle wrap industry. She has over 20 years of military and corporate management experience and eleven years as an entrepreneur.  Angie will share real life examples of building a team that’s committed to the success of a company and how 360 Wraps’s unique and positive culture has helped attract and retained the right people to her team.

Listen to This Podcast and Learn: The top three traits of successful entrepreneurs: It may surprise you; how Team 360 Wraps works: find out what the saying “bleed blue” mean; when adding employees and locations, ways to prevent the dreaded disease “siloitis”; and why it’s crucial to hire for fit first; skills second; and their interview process to get the right talent;

The key takeaway: Be a Duck on Water. You set the tone everyday with your staff, customers, vendors, and everyone you interact with. Every entrepreneur experiencing stress. One day it can be cash flow; another a customer that didn’t come through; another you name it. But you have to stay calm and focused. How does she do it? Remind yourself to be like a duck gliding through the water. Underneath it’s paddling like hell but on top it appears serene!