Dik-dik lr

Your spirit animal message for the next two weeks is the Dik Dik!

This is majestic animal is a small antelope from Africa. The Dik Dik brings gentleness into our mind, hearts and relationships over the next two weeks.  It is time to release any harsh judgements of ourselves and others.

Being gentle allows our body to heal on a cellular level, our minds to rest with ease, and the movement of our lives to go with the flow, downstream.

The Dik Dik also brings psychic awareness, as we embrace the gentle energy of this graceful animal, we become fully aware of our surroundings and our higher self.

Consider spending time alone in nature, yoga or meditation over the next two weeks.

To hear the entire message watch this short video.


Full Moon Ceremony

Rebekah Campbell, R.M.T., U.R.M.T., K.R.M.T.

Rebekah is a Host of Awakened Hearts on the 7th Wave Channel of VoiceAmerica Talk Radio

She is a Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist, Crystal Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader. Her love for the Creator’s Garden, Spirit Animal Guides, and the Elemental Realm is a driving force in her commitment to raise the vibration of Mother Earth.

Rebekah has been involved in holistic healing for over 15 years, she is passionate about the energetic, spiritual aspect of healing, as all physical dis-ease originates on an energetic level. Rebekah has found that Reiki and Crystal Healing combined with Massage Therapy is a very powerful combination. The Reiki and Crystals accelerate the release of tension in the muscles, leaving the client in a very relaxed and peaceful state of well-being. Rebekah will incorporate Reiki and Crystal Healing into any massage.

Rebekah loves working with children and she offers Reiki Massage sessions for children of all ages. She has seen amazing results with children for issues ranging from inability to sleep, to anxiety, to difficulty focusing and too many others to list here. Just as with adults, when a child’s energetic field is balanced and free of blockages, the child can function at their optimum capacity of health and well-being. These sessions are claimable for your child under Massage Therapy on your health benefits plan. Rebekah also teaches Reiki classes for children and is currently developing course material for future class levels.

Rebekah believes we are all a part of the same One Divine Consciousness and the lessons that each of us learn benefit the whole, creating universal growth and expansion. She is continually focused on the intention of raising the vibration of mother earth, the Creator’s Garden, for which she is so grateful. Rebekah is very connected with nature and works very closely with your Spirit Animal Guides. She can connect with the Spirit Animal Guides that are with you now, sharing their messages, as well as identify your Totem Animal or Power Animal.

Rebekah has found her bliss and her Twin Flame, Boyd Campbell, by discovering and following her own divine life purpose, and now she enjoys helping others to do the same. Rebekah’s readings will guide you on your soul path journey, helping you connect with your Divine self, providing relevant information and steps you can immediately implement no matter what stage you are currently at. It is her goal to assist others in finding their own bliss which naturally leads to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

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