Our Children are Cutting!!!!!!

The subject of cutting has been continuously brought up with adolescents coming in for therapy. It is with a very heavy heart that I can express the difficulty when hearing that a young child of only 12 or 13 is so sad with their life, feeling so broken, that they intentionally and deliberately take a sharp object into their skin to help relieve the pain they feel within their heart and soul. I ask myself, “where have we gone wrong as a society and as a human race?” We have failed our children. The very same beings we brought into this world to help them be the best they can be…… Instead we have failed them and filled them with sadness and anxiety.  We have paralyzed them. This is NOT OK!!!!! We must find a way to touch the heart and mind of these kids that only a few years ago were being carried in our arms, rocking in a cradle, crawling, learning how to walk and connecting to this world that was supposed to surround them with love and light. Instead, we allowed the darkness to fill their life. We filled them with our voids, our feelings of loss, and the thorns of each rose that could have helped soothe them with beauty and love. As a therapist, I say ENOUGH!!!!! I can not stand back and watch our children dwindle away with hopelessness!!!! We have failed our little angels. We stepped back and gave them the freedom to fend for themselves and stood still only to witness as they drown in the tsunami of sadness and desperation. They don’t know who they are or what is expected of them. Who cares what schools are teaching when over 70 percent of our children suffer from anything such as attention deficits, emotional imbalances, social anxiety, low self esteem, and no self confidence. Labels and diagnosis are given like it’s candy.  The school system and grading scales are set for a population that isn’t in suffering. It’s the minority that are truly ok, so only a small group make it through and can actually go to college and fulfill life’s goals.  Most of our kids are being left behind not only educationally scarce but lacking all sorts of other skills like how to act in social settings, how to have a positive outlook in life, and most importantly how to self love. We are the ones with a FAILING SCORE!!!! We are the ones who flunked out of being the parents, the educators, and the leaders our children deserved to have in their lives.  That’s right!!!!! WE ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!! We forgot that achievement and excellence is acquired when we can make it and take with us all the weakest links. When we can slow down our pace to ensure no one is left behind. We are the ones to blame that the population of children in our world today are either low achievers, socially awkward, sad, and hopeless and some want to stay under the spectrum of autism so that they don’t have to participate at all in the world we call life. This is not how it was meant to be!!!!! This is not living in a beautiful universe of rainbows and butterflies. Join me in this journey to bring back the joy and happiness into these many children who have been lost. Let’s help their parents get it together to be the great leaders their children are hoping to see one day. We can make it happen.

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