Forgive Yourself!!! It Wasn’t Your Fault
The biggest challenge is to realize that you did worse to yourself than what your perpetrator did to you (by use the word perpetrator it is not referring to a rapist or child molester, it is to identify the person who robbed you of what was yours without your permission). You took it all in and accepted what they did unto you was going to destroy you. By not speaking up or even finding a way to defend your position, you conspired in the plan of your own destruction. How awful is that? You became your worst enemy. You gave the permission that what they did was not only going to mark you, but it was going to change the whole course of your life. It was going to change your view of life. It was going to take way your self-love. At that point, you could choose to self medicate with drugs, drink alcohol regularly or find other means of self-destruction. To forgive yourself you must first realize you were the victim. You did nothing wrong! It is about going within and establishing an inner dialogue that includes words of healing and love. You did not choose the experience of being betrayed. Love yourself enough to remind yourself that you did it perfect. You did not know any better and the time that has passed has been necessary in order for you to realize to choose a better experience in your life. You remind yourself that you are a being of light, love and peace rather than the suffering you have endured throughout your life by being a victim. Connect to the different parts of your body and forgive each area sending a lot of love and light. Begin a sequence of meditation to your liking that will allow you to silence your mind, to organize your thoughts and to release the repeated thoughts that have haunted and tormented you for so long. Frequent places that connect you to nature. Find a sacred place in a garden, inside your home, by the beach or just in your own bedroom where you could nourish your soul. Where you feel good inside, at peace. Filling in moments of your day, while driving, or even in the bathroom, at work, with connecting to your breath. Creating an awareness that your breath gives you life. Create words of affirmations that include Life is good to you. Expressing gratitude will also fill your inner self with a special energy of oneness to your higher self and to the light of your soul. It is with love and compassion that you begin the healing process that will help you manifest the forgiveness you so much deserve. This is your life and you are worthy of having all the good that is in this world for you. Make this experience the most precious event so that the tragedies have no significance and get canceled out by all the greatness connected to you. Do it!!!! It is your time to heal! I did!!!!!!

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