“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” At least that’s what the 1970 book and film, Love Story, would have you believe. This myth and numerous others destroy our attempts to have a successful marriage. These false beliefs get stuck in our minds and keep us from seeing the truth. We pick up these myths from society and our own experiences at home and in our friend’s homes. If we didn’t have good role models, then how could we possibly expect to develop healthy patterns when we marry? In our confusion, sometimes longevity becomes the measure of success even if you have to drug yourself to avoid divorce. Marriage counseling has a frighteningly low success rate, which makes people wonder if there is any real help out there. Maybe it takes a couple who have been successful in developing their own relationship during 44 years of marriage to offer sound advice for the rest of us. Please join us Thursday 7/14 to hear the truth about how to create the relationship of your dreams.