Gina Lazenby, host of The Rise of the Feminine radio show, will be speaking at the Global Woman Summit in London this weekend, July 30-31. The Summit is organised by Mirela Sula of Global Woman Magazine in collaboration with the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research and Club of Budapest.  It is designed to bring together like-minded people passionate about entrepreneurship and creating game-changing business with a focus on financial, personal and spiritual well-being. In these times of fast-paced and complex change, a new paradigm of thinking is being called for. The main keynote speaker is ERVIN LASZLO, Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (Italy) and Founder and President of The Club of Budapest. Ervin is a renowned philosopher, scientist and humanist, dedicated to the global transformation we need for a sustainable future which he sees will be woman-led. This is the time for women and Erwin will map out how he sees the world shifting from the hyper-masculine that no longer works.  The event has a high quality forum of world class speakers with content aimed at supporting women move forward to create the new world. Attendees will be coming in from almost 20 countries.

Gina Lazenby will be moderating a panel of men, exploring their views and the role of the new masculine in a world of rising feminine energy. Organiser Mirela Sula says, “I have really enjoyed having Gina involved in our events as she brings her great wisdom. She is known for contributing to women in so many ways, helping to make them more visible and build their confidence and stay united together. Gina is very good at collaborating and I have learned much from her, together I know we can do so much more. We are looking forward to having her as a panel host at the Global Woman Summit and especially leading the conversation with the men.”Gina Lazenby with Mirela Sula