As we continue to understand how to unite the Martial Arts principles with Business and Enterprises, I take on the second part of the Martial Arts of Business Series and start talking about MIND-SHIFT in our organizations.


It is very important to anticipate and understand the market place and be a Change Factor. How? By changing your attitude, your vision and your Mind. As a result you change your mindset. When we continue to learn and then implement the knowledge we have accumulated and the abilities we have developed, we need to understand that how we do one thing is how we will do everything we do. At the end, it is all about performance. Understanding how your mind works you can start focusing on developing yourself, your life, your work and future. Learn how to focus, how to generate a strong mindset by creating a mind-shift that will allow you to improve and start seeing what really happens to you from now on and get ready to develop your Mind.


In this second part of the “The MAGIC of Martial Arts of Business” we learn about  Business and Entrepreneurship. These are a combination of creative activities that bring out innovation, competition and practices that generate the new ideas and concepts that bring us the best products and services into the market place. Combining them will require discipline, persistence, skills and a creative artist view.

And we will be doing all of this focusing on performance, empowerment, motivation and a defining mindset in order to create a strong MIND-SHIFT. Join us as we teach you how to create a Mind-Shift that will allow you to create Magic in your companies and develop “The MAGIC of the Martial Arts of Business Series”.

Luis Vicente Garcia_El Cambio Empieza por Uno MIsmo