Here’s one of those simple, but profound questions, entrepreneurs need to regularly ask: What am I focusing on now vs. what should I be focusing on NOW? After a successful launch, entrepreneurs have a choice. They can sit back and continue doing what they have done so far or they can recognize the need to prepare for what comes next. Too often entrepreneurs make the wrong choice to stay the course using the logic “why mess with success.”

Why You Should Mess With Success!

My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Dr Mary Lippttt, author of Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity. As an internationally recognized leader in strategic thinking and executing change, Mary tells why there’s good reason for entrepreneurs to refocus their priorities based on changing realities. And one of those realities is that 50% of new businesses fail. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs must change what they do and how they do to have sustainable growth.

Listen to this podcast and learn: Why knowing your company’s life cycle helps you focus on what’s important; the six result-driven mindsets and how they impact an entrepreneurs decision making; how to avoid leadership blind spots and distractions to make smarter strategic decisions; how to use specific mindsets to build an aligned and committed team that’s ready for change; when to use your gut and when not when dealing with uncertainty, opportunity or complexity.

The key takeaway: To prevent getting stuck with a single viewpoint, your leadership should encourage diversity of thought and openness to new perspectives. Therefore build a team that can tap into the six different mindsets especially in uncertain and complex situations. Don’t fall back on the tried and true.  Mess with Success!