Many of us wonder as we wander through our daily business routines: Am I going in the right direction? Am I doing the things that matter? Will I achieve the success I want? Is there a check list to follow? The answer to these questions: Know the five key factors or soft skills all successful leaders practice every day. What Are the to Follow? My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Ed Gideon, a successful business owner and valued advisor to CEOs nationwide who helps us answer those questions in order to be fully committed to the path we need to seek. He says each of us seeks our own level of Success. To get there we face challenges in four areas that he will decode: Motivation, Attitude, Productivity, and Working Smarter. He is also the author of Breakthroughs for Success: Nineteen Examples of Success Achieved by Real People. Listen to this podcast and learn: The five skills you need to develop for the path to success; how this formula D x V x F > helps you as a leader deal with change; why you must listen to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”; the important of knowing the difference between attitude and personality in leading others; why great ideas are like apples: You have to shake the tree and search for the best ones The key take away: If you want to make things happen in your company, especially getting a new initiative off the ground, know and build relationships with the informal influencers – those people who have credibility with the front line and will be responsible for the success or failure of that initiative. Catch up on The Business Edge with Marcia Zidle NOW HERE! 

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