Business – like life is always changing. When your business is dealing with customers’ life changes, for example moving them from one place to another whether it’s across town or across the world, you need to keep a cool head, a caring heart and project management hands.

My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Francey Beall, one of the owners of Fantastic Moves. Francey knows each customer’s move represents a significant transition in their life. She tells how she and her management team have built a culture that truly cares about the customer’s experience. Here moto is Happy Employees = Satisfied Customers….but really we want them to say it was Fantastic …not just satisfied.

Listen to this podcast and learn: How her motto is translated daily in doing business the “fantastic” way;why marketplace changes lead to the rebranding of their business that was doing well; their hiring method: Selecting employees who are both skilled and have the right attitude; the way to build a culture that truly cares about the customer’s experience: I can attest to that because I was a recent customer; and how the three owners work as a team aligning priorities and responsibilities which results in a better work environment and a better bottom line.

The key take away: Take care of the employee who will take care of the customer. Make sure employees are in positive frame of mind especially if they are the interface between the customer and the company. If a valued employee comes in worried about a water bill that’s due today and they don’t have the money, pay it for them. Discuss later how they may pay you back. What you want is an employee who is totally focused on satisfying the customer not on his or her problems