In this path of understanding how to apply Martial Arts principles into our business leaves, we need to know what engagement is and how to bring it into our companies and team members.

Engagement can take many forms and as we advance in our deepest knowledge of what we do, we have to learn how to focus, how to make it happen, how to create an engagement environment and above all, how to inspire creativity from our people.

This is the third part of what Winston Price and I have called ‘the Martial Arts of Business Series’. From the concept of intent to mind-shift we now come to learning how to be and become engaged. In other words, we will learn how to create an engaged organization.

It is very important to anticipate and understand the market place and our businesses; as a result, we need to change our attitude, our vision and our Mind. Thus engaging better we can change our mindset and improve our performance.

As we know, Martial Arts are systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Business and Entrepreneurship, on the other side, are a combination of creative activities that bring out innovation, competition and practices that generate the new ideas and concepts that bring us the best products and services into the market place. Combining them will require discipline, persistence, skills and a creative artist view.

And we will be doing all of this focusing on performance, empowerment, motivation and a defining mindset in order to create a stronger level of ENGAGEMENT in our organizations.

Develop the “The MAGIC of the Martial Arts of Business Series”.

Performing at Your Best: Mindset Evolution:
When we talk about Business or entrepreneurial success, we might not be really sure what it is or how to define it; and this will prove to be critical. You need to know where you are today and where you are going; then, figure out your plan to get there.

Whether you have been in business for years or you are a start-up, things look harder and more difficult than what you originally thought, take more time and might have a bigger cost than planned. Your three main resources: time, team and money will be tested over and over again. What you need to do here is to understand what makes you apart, what is important for you and your company and how can you start redirecting some of the approaches and ideas you have been using in the past.

This actually is the number one critical issue for all people and companies that do need to change: adapt and be flexible. This implies realizing the need to adapt to the changing business environments, looking at the trends in the market and your industry, while improving some of the important areas (if not all) in your company.

When you do it, something starts to happen and suddenly there is a better flow of energy, new ideas start to flourish, a more dynamic team takes action, goals are reached and visions are aligned. In all, you, your staff, team members and your company start talking about success and what it would mean to be successful (and yes we know we all measure Success in a different way).

There are many definitions on business success and in this program we will be discussing some ideas that will allow you to understand some of the Key Elements to Entrepreneurial Success.