Branding is not your logo: it is how people perceive, understand, and react to your business. Branding helps people make decisions about you. But when your brand isn’t consistent or emotional, it can sabotage both your sales efforts and your leadership efforts.

My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Dacia Coffee, the CEO of The Marketing Blender, who helps companies achieve next-level growth by aligning the sales cycle with story, psychology and branding. She loves developing the message and directing the words that connect people to one another and inspire action.

Listen to this podcast and learn::
The answers to the four key questions for your brand
Examples of amazing brand and what makes them amazing;
What’s your “truth” and why it’s so important for your customer
How to create a “Buyer Persona” and use it for messaging and differentiation.
The importance of consistency; everyone, not just marketing, must know and live your brand

The key take away:The importance of your WHY!
Branding is about determining the purpose of your business; knowing your customers and their pain points; and communicating what you provide and how you serve them better than others. It’s connecting the head (the facts and features) with the heart (the emotional tug) that makes them want to do business with you rather than someone else.


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