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How you train your body is how you hold your body in life. Spending the day crouched over a computer creates a crouched-over posture. This hides the heart, closes the solar plexus and tightens the hip complex. Stand in front of your partner with a closed-down heart, weakened power center and immobile hips and there will be an impact on the quality of loving energy available.

Implement daily exercise strengthening your back muscles to hold the heart open, increasing lung capacity bringing more life force into the body, and flexibility training to unleash the hips improving the grounded power of the lower body. Now show up in front of a loved one with an open heart, full power center and more life force. What might be possible in that love dynamic with all that energy flowing that was not possible when the key power centers were closed? This is one important aspect of the literal “yoga” of intimacy.

Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters:
Justin and Londin are co-founders of Metaphysical Fitness, an online fitness company specializing in body, mind and spirit training. Both Justin and Londin are NASM Certified master trainers with decades of experience working in the body. They marry to this expertise a decade of study in the esoteric arts, including a deep focus in sexual yoga. They offer weekly in-person classes in Los Angeles, CA, as well as online programs training the divine feminine and masculine embodiments.