Discouraged by the decline in genuine engagement across Social Media platforms -most notably Linkedin- over the past several years a great idea was born – to build a better engagement platform. Following an intensive nine-month development project – investing substantial time, talent, and dollars – it was decided to “pull the plug”.

What Triggered the Decision? What Was Learned? What’s Next?

My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Dennis Pitocco, founder, publisher and executive editor of Bizcatalyst360.com – one-stop resource” for busy professionals seeking cutting-edge insights, intelligence and information across all major business sectors. He shares his journey of coming up with a better “mousetrap” for social media engagement called BizTribes 360; his wisdom from this enlightening experience; and what’s on the horizon in his search for “genuine” sharing and learning.

Listen to This Podcast and Learn:

* What the inspiration was for BizTribes360
* * The process, over the nine months, to get the platform ready to launch.
* How to utilize the expertise of others – college interns and colleagues- to turn your idea into a reality
* The realization the “better mousetrap” was not viable and why “a good retreat is better than a last stand”
* His vision for what’s next: A very different model for social media engagement built on lessons learned

A Key Takeaway: Do Something That Scares You Every Day!
Launching BizTribes was scary; it was something new; it was a risk; it could fail; and it did. However, don’t hold yourself back. Rather, jump with your eyes open and your faith in the people who are there to help you. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll bounce back with more insights and wisdom to carry with you on your next project or entrepreneurial journey.

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