In case you missed the show on October 3, listen to the recorded archive! ‘Sacred’ is a word that binds us together in the mystery of life and links us into a single human family. In a truly sacred world, no one is ultimately our enemy. A sacred worldview leads to a life filled with respect and reverence. Sacred America, Sacred World is a call for us to reach for our highest destiny as a country. Stephen believes our truest destiny is not built on our desire to be number one, but is rather a humbler sense of calling, animated by a spirit of service to all. We are called to explore new frontiers politically, economically, and even spiritually, not just in service to our own citizens, but in service to the world. Join us as Stephen outlines a clear path toward healing the rifts that have torn our society asunder, appreciating our differences, and uniting in common cause to create a world worth passing on to our children.