At the soul of every successful business person is a great story. In this inaugural episode of The Soulcial Hour, Frances Leary reveals hers. From surviving the tests of the adolescent eighth grade classroom to searching for Bigfoot and living to tell about it, discover the journey that led this Texan-Canadian-Coloradoan folklorist to become an award-winning entrepreneur. Learn how she discovered the soul behind her work in the marketing world and how she now uses it to fuel everything she does.

Guest, Laurie Dolhan, facilities this storytelling session. Living in the seaside community of Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia, Laurie is all at once a Jersey Girl, a Yukon Sourdough, and what some Nova Scotians refer to as a CFA (come-from-away). She sees life as a series of learning experiments with often unpredictable results. As writer and consultant for non-profits and triple-bottom line companies, she thrives in words and possibilities. Laurie currently works in for B Corp certified Dadavan Systems, helping them to launch a new storytelling platform called Cultural Codex.

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