In this episode of The Soulcial Hour, Frances Leary takes you behind the scenes of her own psyche to reveal when she first developed the processes involved in what she now calls Soulcial Communication. Learn how you can apply soulcial principles to your organization and how this can propel business growth. Gain an understanding, also, of the devastating consequences that could impact your business should you choose to turn your back on what really means the most to your business: its soul.

Guest Amy McNaughton is the CEO of Capable Confident Women. She helps women to see themselves beyond their traditional family roles so they can feel Capable and Confident and speak with Conviction, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Amy offers women a different view of the world, one that is fun and effortless, one that shows women how to make themselves a priority without the guilt, one that encourages women to embrace the challenges and fears of everyday life and even get excited about them. Amy helps women become who they are meant to be in this world.

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