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Selenite balances the mind and brings a light ray into every environment. You can even embed information into the Selenite’s light ray. Just sit in meditation and put your Selenite on the third eye area. Project your mental picture, message, or idea that you would like to send out, with as clear an intent of accomplishment as you can imagine. For example, you can send your healing energy and protective thoughts for someone you love.
Selenite brings clarity of mind and activates the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, which is our direct link to the Spirit. When the seventh chakra is balanced, we are able to understand our connection with the universe, we are one with the entire Divine creation. Selenite is a link to the consciousness of the Angelic kingdoms. It realizes that function by merging with our light body.
Selenite can be used to awaken or deepen our telepathic ability. Placed in the four corners of the house, Selenite helps establish perfect peace and protects against negative external influences. Some people believe that Selenite can easily reach our past and even future incarnations, retrieving deep insights about our true nature. Mental confusion can be lifted by placing a piece of Selenite on the top of the head.
Selenite is white and most commonly translucent. It has nice looking striations (parallel channels) and exhibits a pearly, silky luster.
Selenite is capable of directing the feelings that emerge from your heart. This energy is usually lost and dissipated, but with Selenite’s help you can lift it up on the level of the Christ Presence in your being.
Selenite works in two ways — it can enhance the frequency of the physical matter, so that it comes closer to the spiritual world, or it can reduce the frequency of the spiritual light to harmonize with the physical world.
You should treat Selenite with care because it can change your four lower bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, and mental. Selenite can effect the three higher spiritual bodies as well. You need to have a conscious desire for the inner transformation to happen, and to be willing to accept the changes within your being. If you are predisposed to work with Selenite on a deeper level, sooner or later, you will feel the call.

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