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Dr. Schaub has created a breakthrough and empowerment program for learning to understand, direct, and utilize the subconscious mind as our greatest ally on the path to health and wholeness. The processes and tools of each chapter will show you how to bridge the gap between your conscious and your subconscious mind, allowing you to pinpoint and understand the root causes and deeper meanings of your fear and anxiety, release emotional blocks from the past, and “shine more of who you truly are out into the world.”

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About Dr. Friedemann Schaub:
Friedemann Schaub MD,PhD is the author of “The Fear and Anxiety Solution.” As a physician specializing in cardiology and molecular biologist, Dr. Schaub became increasingly fascinated by the powerful influence of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs on health and disease. He recognized that our abundant self-healing abilities can only function effectively when mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. To Dr. Schaub the subconscious mind holds the keys to accelerated healing, well-being and success.

Based on this wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Schaub created a breakthrough and empowerment program that combines his medical expertise with NLP, Time Line Therapy™, clinical hypnotherapy, meditation, and more. His program has helped thousands of people world-wide to overcome emotional and physical challenges and tap into their true potential to heal, change, and succeed.

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