My thoughts tormented me for the first half of my life. They were very good at making me believe that I was never doing enough, I was not lovable, other people were more important than me, I was not good enough, taking care of others was more important than taking care of myself, I was not very smart, I should stay in the background and help others succeed… You get the idea. I made this list because I want you to hear some of the things that are roaming around in your head. Maybe they’re identical, maybe they’re different, but they are definitely hurting you. 90% of our self-talk is negative. Take a second to process that number and realize what a huge effort it takes just to get out of bed and face the world every morning. No wonder a third to a half of us are on antidepressants. It doesn’t have to be this way. Peace of mind and positive thinking are possible. If I could transform my thoughts, so can you. Please join me Thursday to learn more about making your thoughts work for you.

Rev Karen Fry is the Associate Minister at CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living. She has a genuine love for all of life and meets people exactly where they are. She leads with her heart and is willing to be vulnerable and real. Her authenticity is definitely noticeable when you spend time around her and she invites you into your own magnificence. In August 2014, when she got diagnosed with breast cancer, Karen received the greatest gift of her life. This “unexpected blessing” taught Karen that loving herself needed to be added to her practice of BE LOVE in the world. In 2010, Karen discovered BE LOVE as her primary daily spiritual practice. Out of this awakening, she started “BE LOVE – Pass It On.” Its purpose is to awaken each of us to the boundless love that resides within and to be that in the world. Now she teaches that we must also be that for ourselves! She has a profound sense of ritual and loves creating spiritual experiences in both services and the classroom.

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