What does it take for women entrepreneurs to build a successful business? Is there life after you achieved your dream?  How can you use your energy and passion in other ways?  Is one way helping others with what you have learned?

My guest on this episode of The Business Edge is Sonu Ratra, Co-Founder of Akraya an IT staffing and consulting company, who shares her insights into how she built a winning culture and a Best Places to Work award. An entrepreneur with a charitable heart and a never-say-die spirit, Sonu is passionate about giving back to society. She believes that with success comes even bigger responsibilities to your people, to your community and to the environment. She has been an avid supporter for women’s empowerment and is currently spearheading an initiative called “Women Back to Work,” a workforce re-entry program.

Listen to This Podcast and Learn
* How her deep sense of commitment and social responsibility lead her to where she is today
* Why it’s critical to continually reinvent yourself and business plan to survive in the changing marketplace.
* The important of hiring the right talent from the start, rather than warm bodies, to carry your vision forward.  
* How she turned a problem – talented women who’ve been out of work for a period of time – into a new venture.
* Why culture is key and how she fosters trust, collaboration and problem solving with her people and stakeholders.

Sonu’s Success Tip: Banish Self Doubt
This is one of the biggest problems for women. When we hear negative stuff, we start questioning ourselves. The remedy is to tap into your wisdom and experience. What are they telling you? Believe in your inner voice. This will lead to deep, deep self-confidence.

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