November 21, 2016: You may have heard or read that sexual fulfillment and juicy partnership have an expiration date. Don’t believe it. If you learn some simple, yet powerful practices, and if you actually practice, you can continue expanding, enjoying deep connection, and rekindling romance throughout life. We’ll be exploring the key processes in “Conscious Loving Every After,” which include:
• how full-spectrum presence can replace the adrenaline addiction to blame and criticism
• how to move from fear to flow
• how to generate play and joy rather than routine and repetition
• how to release the past to participate fully in the present

In the 35+ years of their relationship, Gay and Kathlyn have bedroom and kitchen tested everything they write about. Know that you can create and sustain the relationship of your dreams one choice at a time. This show for singles, couples and professionals, will focus on those key choices.

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About Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks:
Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.Ds., have been pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and relationship transformation for over forty years. They’ve mastered ways to translate powerful concepts and life skills into experiential processes where people can discover their own body intelligence and easily integrate life-changing skills. Gay and Katie have empowered hundreds of coaches around the world to add a body intelligence perspective to enhance fields from medicine to sports psychology, education and personal growth. Together they have authored 12 books, including the bestselling Conscious Loving and Conscious Loving Ever After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife and Beyond. and

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