In this episode of The Soulcial Hour, host Frances Leary delves into the impact of tribal marketing with our guest, Jeffrey Van Dyk. We will explore the processes through which we connect most meaningfully with the people we serve and discuss how we can begin to create a higher level of impact with the work we do. Learn more about how to identify your own higher calling, and gain a deeper understand about how to create an intersection between transactional and transformational processes in your business in order to carve out your unique position that sets you apart from everyone else.
Jeffrey Van Dyk is an international speaker, strategist and guide who works with highly successful leaders and founders to help them transition into their life’s legacy and have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world. He has spoken on stages in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and across North America. As two-time president of the International Coach Federation (San Francisco), co-founder of Spiritual Marketing Quest and former CEO of Big Vision Business, his programs have impacted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. Known for his rare combination of keen inner sight and highly strategic business acumen, Jeffrey has a proven track record of helping leaders build thriving businesses that have a significant and lasting global impact. Jeffrey leads a monthly event series in LA to help spiritually-guided celebrities, business leaders and founders create the work that only they can deliver to the world. Connect with Jeffrey at

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