Every Tuesday at NOON PT, the talented teens of Be the Star You Are!® bring you an exciting, informative, mind-boggling program with fresh ideas from youthful minds. Join the fun!

On this 242nd original radio program, the teen hosts and reporters of Express Yourself!™ celebrate FIVE years of weekly broadcasting on the Voice America Kids Network.

asya-gonzalez-2016jpgmaria wong

Hosts Asya Gonzalez and Maria Wong share their early memories of being reporters, the thrill of hosting, and their appreciation for the opportunities experienced on Express Yourself!™. Katelyn Darrow who has been a host and reporter for four of the five years recalls when she began as a high school freshman and what she has learned from interviewing and reporting as the years have passed.


Henna Hundal chimes in with her appreciation for the opportunities gained and the one-of-a-kind experiences she has enjoyed while making a difference for others in our world.


With his World Watch report, Joven Hundal, speaks of the past year’s accomplishments of outstanding teens all around the world, a refreshing look at how youth are changing the face of the earth for the better.
All of the young adults express their sincerest gratitude to the Voice America Kids Network, Be the Star You Are!®, Cynthia Brian, their radio colleagues, and the listeners around the world for the incredible growth experiences that being part of this stellar team have endowed upon them as individuals. The Express Yourself!™ teens are engaged, educated, entertaining, and most of all inspiring. Congratulations to the STARS of Express Yourself!™ on five years of excellence.

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