Do you remember the Franklin Covey Planner? A couple of decades ago, companies helped managers to increase their productivity and transition into leaders by following a proven methodology using a day planner. You were to understand your values, define your long-term objectives and focus on your daily tasks so that they would align with corporate goals. Today’s it’s obsolete. Instead we have the smart phone revolution.

See a Problem, Find a Solution, Market It!
My Guest today is Zain Ali, CEO of Aezee (A to Z), who has created the first integrated app designed to allow companies to bring back leadership development for the next generation and also leverages technology to automate the manual and mundane tasks that we all do to boost our productivity. This is another entrepreneurial journey that began with a problem – how do I plan and manage my day in one application – which led to a solution: a comprehensive digital planner (the A to Z app).

Listen to This Podcast and Learn
* An entrepreneurial story of what it takes to turn a practical idea into a profitable reality
* What the app does and how it increases work and personal productivity as well personal growth
* The 5 P’s of success to lead a big project, obtain a big contract or even get a company off the ground.
* How it can be used as leadership development tool that reinforces your company’s professional training initiatives.

Zain’s Smart Moves Success Tip: Don’t Just Say It, Do It!
We all lead very busy lives and we make commitments all the time. Each commitment that’s kept increases our leadership credibility and each commitment missed results in a loss in credibility. To make sure you deliver, document your commitments and then once or twice a day prioritize and update your progress.

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