Cheryl Esposito welcomes Blaine Bartlett, business coach & consultant, and CEO of Avatar Resources. He is Dean of Education at the World Business Academy, Adjunct Professor at Beijing University, & author of Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey To The Soul Of Business. “It’s not personal. It’s just business.” The implication here is that business is devoid of emotional impact, consequences or responsibility to humanity. Blaine Bartlett says this has wrung the soul out of business and enterprise, and the people involved. The world is waking up to the role of business as the most dominant and pervasive agent of change today. As such, Blaine insists “the fundamental purpose of business is to enhance the quality of ALL life on the planet.” …And what about those profit expectations? It’s all in how you look at it. Join Cheryl Esposito & Blaine Bartlett on the journey to the soul of business: Compassionate Capitalism.

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