Cheryl Esposito welcomes Beth Misner, Corporate Vice Chair of BNI, & Co-Founder BNI Foundation. BNI is a global network of business professionals to harness the power of relationship to grow their profits. Have you heard “Giver’s Gain”? Beth Misner lives this philosophy every day, & teaches business owners to harness the power of collaboration & “noble networking” to grow our youth into strong, productive & empowered citizens through the BNI Initiative, Business Voices. More than donating money, this is about T3 – Time, Talent or Treasure. This initiative gets business people to do what they do well: identify a problem & solve it. Meeting with the principal, they ask: What are the 5 biggest problems you have?  Next, the business “Givers” go to work to find solutions to the problems, utilizing their network. Stories of success are inspiring. Join Cheryl Esposito & Beth Misner to learn how Business Voices can serve the life of a child, so perhaps that child may grow up to serve the world.

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