The day of door-to-door sales is over, especially when it comes to the world of online communication. If you over-sell to your audience they will run (not walk) away. In this episode of The Soulcial Hour, with host Frances Leary and guest Shannon Shields, learn how to use communication techniques that will attract your customers to you – instead of you having to chase them down. And guess what’s at the core of this attraction process? Soulcial communication, of course.

Shannon Shields is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Wired Flare, an experienced entrepreneur, and a talented connector of people. Having graduated with a Business Management Degree from Dalhousie University, Shannon has spent time developing her skills in both corporate and self-employed settings. She is currently an active member on the Board of Directors for the St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce and won the 2013 award for Innovation in Marketing. Shannon has a passion for client business development and is committed to supporting the companies she loves and helping them realize their online marketing potential. A lover of all things local, you’ve got a good chance of running into Shannon at any local Nova Scotia café. Be sure to say hi.  You can connect with Shannon here:,,,, and

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