Do you have a resolution for 2017 to be a more profitable year in your business?  Are there specific things you have decided you need to do in order to bring that to fruition?

When we are asking for something new or different in our lives, we often try to figure out what is going to create it and then set out to do that.  The problem with that approach is that we can often only see the possibilities that we currently know, rather than what is beyond them.

What if, whatever you are asking to have in your life that is beyond what you currently have, is available to you once you start to choose things that are out of your comfort zone, and beyond what you have chosen before?  When we do the same things, we create the same results!  Changing what is showing up in your world requires a change in your approach.

Rather than deciding what is going to expand your profit and revenues in the coming year, start to get curious about what is no longer serving you, as well as what you can add to your life, to create it!  Here are 3 practices you can adopt now to create a thriving income in the new year and beyond:

• Determine the amount of money that it costs you to run your life and your business.  This is not a budget!  This is a look at what you actually have been spending, and what funds you would like to have available to you every month, so that you can start asking for that amount of money to show up.  Be generous with yourself!  What amount of money would actually be FUN?

• Start to look at profit as an expansion of your whole life and living.  Profit is not just about the ins and outs of your cash flows.  Profit is an energy of expansion that contributes to every area of your life—and that includes money, health, joy, and fun!

• Begin to ask questions and get curious about what you can add to your life to expand your profit and create the income you are now going to be asking for.  Rather than eliminating expenses to reach your financial targets, what if you added new revenue streams, new energies, and new possibilities to the mix that can not only increase your income, but your joy as well?

For more on this topic, join Heather Nichols for her show on Voice America:  Beyond Resolutions:  Creating a Platform for Your Most Profitable Year Yet!

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