If you believe that your pet loves you, it isn’t much of a stretch to see them as having a rich internal life. By observing my cats over 45 years, I have concluded that they have a wide range of emotions as well as the capability to think and communicate directly with us. We just have to open our minds to the possibility that they can sense, feel and think. As we begin to treat our pets with respect and awareness of their capabilities and needs, they in turn give more of themselves to us with gratitude. My cats all had different personalities and each made their feelings known. Some cats showed that they missed me by ignoring me when I returned from a trip, punishing me by playing hard to get until they forgave me while others anxiously waited at the door. One cat would hide when pet sitters came, only emerging when one particular person appeared and then he would soak up all the attention she was able to provide. Please join us Thursday to hear about the healing power of a pet’s love.


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