Being You and Growing Your Business!

If you are asking for growth in your business this year, are you also gearing up for more work?  What if you could actually grow your business and work less?  Or work differently?

One of the many misconceptions we have in our world about business is that hard work and that lots of work equals more money and a bigger business.  When you get to a point where you are maxed out with your time and energy, but you would like to still grow your business and income—where do you go from there?  What if you could work and create your business in a totally different way that is a lot more easeful, relaxed, joyful, and fun?  What if the growth of your business was not totally on your shoulders?

When Dr. Dain Heer discovered Access Consciousness®, he was a Chiropractor who was unhappy with his life, including in the areas of business and money.  He made a demand that things change, and he found Access Consciousness® shortly thereafter.  At the time, he disliked business and thought he was not skilled with it.  Once he started creating with the tools of Access Consciousness®, and facilitating classes all over the world, he realized that he simply had a different way of doing business that was unique to him—and that this is true for all of us!  

What if you, allowing yourself to be more of you with your business, could actually create greater growth, income, and ease than you can imagine?

Join us on Creating Beyond Reality Radio as Heather Nichols interviews Dr Dain Heer, an internationally renowned speaker and facilitator of consciousness, on how he has created a thriving and dynamic international business with ease.

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