Tiny Living is a movement taking place in many developed countries. It involves people making a conscious choice to live in small homes. Some choose this out of necessity, as affordability of housing in many cities and towns is increasingly becoming impractical. Others choose it for long term financial reasons, not wanting to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their housing over their lives. We also have those drawn towards Tiny Living, due to the simplicity of it. Small homes equals small storage spaces, therefore less possessions.

Many feel overwhelmed with our mainly consumerist society and the many things they own, have to take care of, move when relocating etc. Tiny Living results less “things” in one’s lives which comes with the feeling of Freedom and Relief.

On today’s show, we will be chatting with two guests. A developer, Battistella Developments, building an inner-city micro-condo complex in Calgary, AB, and Tiny Home Alliance Canada,  an organization, that provides resources and assistance to those embarking on the Tiny Living lifestyle.

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