Amelia Kinkade is one of the world’s most renowned animal communicators. In 2002, she was invited to Buckingham Palace to work with Queen Elizabeth II’s cavalry and Prince Charles’ hunting horses. Amelia has been the focus of hundreds of articles with world-wide circulation, including The New York Times. In addition to television programs, like The View, she was the subject of a BBC documentary showing her work with elephants. This touches on her true passion, which is leading her Sacred Harmony Safaris in Africa and assisting organizations that rescue elephants, lions, rhinos and more. Amelia is the author of several books on animal communication, including Whispers from the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom, as well as Straight from the Horse’s Mouth and The Language of Miracles. The founder of Ark Angel Society and The Language of Miracles Institute online, she has devoted her life to using her gifts to communicate with animals. Visit her at
Most of us think of life in hierarchical terms with human beings sitting at the top. Are you thinking: well, of course; we’re the most intelligent and the most civilized? If so, I want to challenge your thinking. Just suppose we are all pieces of a puzzle and the gifts of every animate being and inanimate object are needed in order to have true peace on earth? What if each species has specific information, wisdom and ways of experiencing the world that when brought together would create wholeness? What if we need to learn how to hear, feel and see every being and everything in order to be truly alive? If each of us does have a piece of the puzzle (or is a piece of the puzzle), we must respect each other and communicate with each other in order to bring all of the pieces together. Just a thought. I have seen and experienced enough in this world to question everything. Please join us Thursday to hear the messages Amelia has gotten from the animals and to learn how to hear them yourself.

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