For so many, relaxation is synonymous with doing nothing, taking a break, or going on vacation.  What if, when you are being more of you and in your creative flow, you are more relaxed, and therefore more creative and productive?  What if relaxation is a space that allows you to accomplish so much more every day with a degree of ease you may have never considered possible?

There are 3 different types of people that every business and every creative endeavor requires:  a creator, a connector, and a mover.  They have different gifts, different skills, and different capacities.  A common mistake that people make with business is in deciding that they, or their employees, have to do certain things in a particular way.  This can create stress, diminish relaxation, and get in the way of productivity.

Join Heather Nichols and Stephanie Richardson for a conversation of “Relaxation and Creation” — a dynamic adventure into the energetics of creation and the nuances of business that will allow you to have more, create more, relax more, and be way more productive as a result!

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