What if you could truly be the magic and wonder of you in your business? Would you choose to do it the way you have seen everyone else do it, or would you choose what was fun and expansive for you? There may be things that you know about business, and specifically your business, that nobody else knows.

Your business, like you, is unique – and may be asking for something completely
different than what you have decided it might require.  What if running your business the ways that other people run their businesses or based on what you may have learned taking business or marketing classes might be a limitation to what you could actually create?

Is now the time to step out of the way everyone else does business and try something new and different that might actually work for you?

Join Heather Nichols on Creating Beyond Reality Radio as she shares some of the tools and questions she uses to have fun creating her own thriving global business, while allowing herself and her business to be as different as they actually are!

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