Catherine and Nadine discuss wisdom of the ages and how to master authentic leaderhsip in todays technology enabled world. We will discuss the main teachings Nadine has garnered along her journeys. She will be sharing simple tools to better decipher our complex selves and what it entails to live an authentic life.

Among others – she will share a simple blueprint to answer the question “how can I lead a meaningful Life?”; she will tell us about a creative way to look at the different characters that live in us all (our inner “RoundTable”); she will remind us of ancient Greek myths and how relevant they are to understand who we are, here and now; she will decipher current political events through the lens of ‘ancient schools of wisdom’ and timeless psychological processes taking place in all of us, no matter which culture or era in history we belong to.

Together, we review how to integrate the wisdom of the ages into the use of technology for career, family and community.  The tools and technology to empower the 7 characters and be the full goddess that we are in today’s world.

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