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Clearing Emotional Clutter from your life can be accomplished in many ways. Often we don’t realize how emotional clutter is blocking us from our transformation and fulfillment. It might be blocking our relationships or not letting us recognize and contact our own strengths. By clearing away emotional clutter, we are able to be more effective each day, as we access the means to have self-compassion for ourselves, and to stay calm, optimistic, and grateful no matter what obstacles we may face. 

About Donald Altman:
Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, is a psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, international speaker, trainer, and award-winning author who is known as “America’s Mindfulness Coach.” Donald’s best-selling mindfulness book, The Mindfulness Toolbox, won of the 2015 National Ben Franklin Gold Award for best book in the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Psychology categories. Donald has taught thousands of mental health professionals, psychologists, health coaches how to use these tools. His most recent books–Clearing Emotional Clutter and Stay Mindful & Color–bring these tools directly to you. These are mindful lifestyle tools are helpful for dealing with anything from stress, depression, and anxiety to pain and other challenging life issues. They are also effective and proven methods for enhancing your life with fulfillment and joy. To learn more about Donald’s products and services, subscribe to his Mindful Living Newsletter and learn more at his website

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